Privacy protection: tinted resp. Do you want darkened windows? Come to Black Line in Holzgerlingen (Böblingen district)

Window tinting

Sun and privacy protection with tinted windows

Blackline tints the windows of all vehicles and models - in accordance with applicable regulations, roadworthy and properly using the best materials. In addition to the practical advantages of sun protection, tinted windows give a sporty style.

You have these advantages with a window tint:

Window tinting in Holzgerlingen (Böblingen, near Stuttgart)
Black Line attracts customers from all over the greater Stuttgart, Böblingen, Esslingen, Vaihingen & surrounding regions - our customers trust the highest standards and professional implementation. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.
  • Heat protection:
    Special sun protection films protect against UV rays and ensure a more pleasant indoor climate. The harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer are rejected up to 99%.
  • Glare protection:
    A tinted rear window protects you from the dazzling light of the headlights of the person behind you, especially at night.
  • Protection against fading:
    The interior is protected from sunlight and thus prevents fading.
  • Privacy protection:
    Protect yourself from unwanted looks from the outside.
  • Splinter protection:
    The protective film protects the occupants from splinters in the event of glass breakage, has a burglar-proof effect through privacy protection and makes it more difficult for a forcible entry into the vehicle.
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